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If you know, you know!

I am excited to announce I have opened up a private tattoo and piercing studio, JUJU, out of Somerset, Ohio. This is an appointment only studio with focus of catering to customer’s needs and ultimate privacy. The studio is for anyone and everyone wanting a tattoo, body piercing, or scar revision. However, we have a larger purpose in mind. With every tattoo in honor/support of any charitable organization (Military, Survival, Cancer, Autism, etc) we will be donating a portion of that Tattoo’s cost to a local charity in accordance. I am also excited to announce my focus on scar cover-ups ranging from a traumatic injury or diagnosis to self harm recovery. I want to aid in the repair of reinvigorating our community’s self-worth again and create a reminder you are not your past. (Of course, if you want a giant octopus on your leg I can do that too .)


We also offer t-shirts, tattoo rejuvenation products, tattoo healing items, and numbing creams before your appointment.

My late Grandmother Julia (JuJu was her nickname) was such an influencer of my passion for art and she always said I could do great things with it, so this is my passion project in her memory.

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